Public Relations Consultancy 

WhirlSpot Media is a Pan-African PR agency creating and executing creative, data-driven PR campaigns across diverse industries. We partner with you to achieve specific public relations goals, create sustainable PR programs that drive awareness, and build positive public perception around your brand. We understand both the digital & traditional media landscapes in Africa.

PR Tools and Technologies we use 

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How we deploy PR Tactics To Drive
Your Business Forward

Step 1

Consult with our media experts to discuss and clarify your PR needs

Step 2

Develop sound PR strategies to address your PR needs and market demands

Step 3

Enjoy the renewed brand image that delivers on your business objectives

Have a story to tell?

Revive your brand image with WhirlSpot’s data-driven and creative PR consultancy.  Our expert consultants can help you achieve your PR goals and tailor a plan to fit your unique needs.

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What Key results can we achieve for your business?

Why your brand needs quality PR for sustainable growth?

According to a recent study by inPowered, PR is nearly 90% more effective than advertising in influencing consumer decision-making. That’s why Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, famously said he’d spend his last dollar on public relations. It’s all about building trust with your target audience. We know that Public Relations is a powerful tool for businesses that want to connect with their prospects and target audiences, especially in the ever-changing African market. With our expertise in target market dynamics and effective PR strategies, we can help your business communicate your value propositions with clarity and reliability. Don’t miss out on the benefits of smart PR investment – let’s talk about how we can help your business thrive.

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Experience the power of PR-driven growth
with WhirlSpot

You can trust that your communication needs will be met with professionalism and expertise.

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Strategic Communications

We help you deliver impactful messages that align with your business priorities.

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Media Relations

We’re all about building bridges with the people who matter most to your success. We maximize the breadth of your story in Africa’s Media Landscape while strengthening your network for long-term growth.

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Online Reputation Management

We gather and promote positive online reviews to influence customer buying decisions and build a strong brand.

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Speaking Opportunities

We target key influencers and stakeholders to find the perfect speaking engagements that maximize your positive public exposure and raise your executives’ profile as thought leaders.

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Crisis Communications

We develop responsive communication plans to minimize the impacts of a crisis

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Digital Media Communications

We help you nurture a positive online brand presence that supports your marketing objectives.

Case study

SHAREit Lite

Earns Top-Tier Coverage, Amplifies its Voice in Africa With Data-Driven PR Program

SHAREit Lite is a Software company

Our Services:

Public Relations Consultancy


Media Relations

Market Entry


Total media placements


Data-driven pieces of coverage


Top-tier placements

2 Million

Mentions across news and beyond social media


Increase in top-tier coverage over six months

The African market is waiting for you!

What’s holding you back? Let’s find out.

You’re right; Africa is a continent rich in diversity with multiple booming markets. WhirlSpot Media conducts thorough market research, identifying potential hotspots and regions where your brand can thrive. We’ll guide you in pinpointing the most lucrative areas to start, ensuring your expansion efforts are strategic and effective.
Absolutely! One of the key challenges businesses face when entering a new market is understanding its unique cultural, economic, and social dynamics. WhirlSpot Media specializes in the African market, offering tailored PR and Marketing strategies that align with local trends and preferences.
At WhirlSpot Media, we believe in a localized approach. Our team comprises experts well-versed in the African market landscape. We’ll work closely with you to adapt your brand message, ensuring it resonates authentically and effectively with your target audience in Africa.
While having a local presence can offer direct insights and quicker responses to market changes, it isn’t always necessary. Our agency can serve as your eyes and ears on the ground, offering localized solutions, managing PR engagements, and executing marketing strategies that align with your business objectives, all while you manage remotely.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.