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Understanding of the Brief

As a new player in the space, SHAREit Lite enlisted WhirlSpot to support its launch in Africa, starting with Nigeria and generate both awareness and credibility. WhirlSpot understood from the onset that SHAREit Lite wants to position as an industry leader in the Nigerian P2P file sharing space, gently highlighting its stance to stakeholders and positioning to win more users in Nigeria.

Pain points

  1. A lack of visibility into the technology and SaaS space in Nigeria
  2. Low PR credibility
  3. Lack of Market Insight

Crafting a winning PR plan

For SHAREit Lite, we took a multi-phase PR approach, initially focusing on the launch and then shifting to an ongoing media relations strategy that solidified the brand’s credibility and differentiated its offerings. We did this through a variety of tactics, including leveraging proprietary data, thought leadership, newsjacking, and targeted storytelling. Our team conducted industry analysis to suggest the right press releases to target through the media. By balancing SHAREit Lite’s unique selling points with impact, we were able to reach the right audiences without attempting a hard sell.


  1. Present a market intelligence report on the Nigerian Market.
  2. Create a positive perception of the brand in the public through Media Relations.

Pain points

  1. We accurately presented the company to the public positively
  2. 10% increase overall in SOV.
  3. 50% increase in top-tier coverage over six months.
As a new player in the space, SHAREit Lite had an opportunity to differentiate its file sharing solutions and offerings to capture market share as a premier mobile file sharing solution’s provider. The result was a successful launch and 120+ total media placements in six months, more than half of those were top-tier placements, helping to raise SHAREit Lite’s profile across news, forums, blogs, websites, and Twitter. The results? Over 2 million mentions across news and social media, and a 50% increase in SHAREit Lite’s position on Google Playstore in Nigeria and this improved its search engine results.


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