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Digital Offices in Lagos, Nigeria
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Influencer Marketing

Marketing in the digital age is constantly changing.

How do you plan to keep up?

The average attention span of Gen-Z is 3.25 seconds and 65% of them use an ad blocker. How are you going to connect with them?

Working with influencers has become an essential part of digital marketing today. They have access to a large audience across multiple social media platforms who trusts what they have to say.

We develop intent-driven influencer marketing in Nigeria and social media campaigns to help brands connect with the right audience, telling the right story, using the right social media platform, and at the right time.

Influencer marketing campaigns designed around each client’s objectives.


Influencer Selection & Campaign Management

Once we’ve crafted the strategy, we contract the world’s best content creators to tell your story to their audience. We manage influencer campaigns from start to finish— we work to help you reach a larger audience while supporting your PR objectives. Our team can assist you in extending the visibility of your event by managing influencers as they post to mass audiences and Livestream’s best-in-class content.


Influencer Relations

We are experts at building and maintaining relationships with some of the best content creators in the world. Our connections are unrivaled.


Campaign Reporting and Measurement

Our post-campaign analysis focuses on awareness, attention, and action. We collate fan interactions to determine the success of your campaign before, during, and after our campaigns as well as providing ROI on spend.