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B2B Digital Marketing

WhirlSpot is a B2B digital marketing agency in Nigeria that focuses on helping companies improve brand awareness, lead generation, conversion rates, and sales opportunities. We build results-driven marketing campaigns that help B2B organizations improve their sales pipelines.

Empower your sales team to close more deals through targeted campaigns that deliver qualified prospects.

We begin by understanding your brand, firming up your target audiences and messaging. Then we set monthly lead acquisition goals, build marketing assets, and create a result-driven digital marketing strategy. From there, we launch pilot campaigns and actively measure results against benchmarks, while optimizing, improving, and building.

The best companies at aligning marketing and sales experienced an average of 20% growth in annual revenue [Aberdeen Research, (2010)]

Set Your Sales Team Up for Success with an Effective Sales Enablement Program
An effective sales enablement program can ensure that your sales team understands the product specs, benefits, and USP, knows how it addresses customer challenges. Whirl Spot has extensive experience in working with sales teams to achieve the best possible results.

We also use LinkedIn to assist our clients to accelerate sales by attracting quality leads and new sales opportunities.

We have considerable experience in designing and implementing successful LinkedIn B2B marketing programs: from researching new industry verticals through to digital lead generation of the sales funnel.

Our exhaustive b2b market strategy
paints a complete picture of:

  • Audiences and decision-makers
  • Competitive positioning and messaging
  • Value proposition development

With this knowledge in place, we develop an integrated b2b digital marketing plan that includes a mix of internal activities (like sales training, sales enablement, and Linkedin branding) and external promotion (including demand generation, digital and social media marketing, public relations (PR) and content marketing), as well as measurable marketing and sales goals so you can optimize your go-to-market strategy over time.

Are you struggling to find the right approach to your B2B digital marketing?

Do you need help improving the way your business generates more and better quality leads?

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