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4 Ways Snubbing Social Media is Affecting Your Business

Social Media Marketing used to be a great way to reach even more people after initially using traditional methods.

However, marketing and advertising have changed dramatically. Social Media is not an adjunct anymore, it is now the standard for all marketing and advertising strategies. Print ads and other marketing techniques are now the adjuncts to Social Media.

Though there are so many businesses that are not using Social Media at all or not using it correctly. Many don’t understand the power this tool has or the absolute necessity using it has become.

In fact, not using Social Media regularly, consistently, and professionally may be harming your event business and affecting its growth and success.

If you are a CEO or a small business owner, it is very important to know why you need to be on social media and how it is going to affect your business.

There are several questions you must ask yourself before you plan your social media strategy

  • What are the channels where my customers are present?
  • What are the ways to target my audience on those channels?
  • What are my objectives and the RoI of the social media strategy?

So it is evident that how social media can have an immense impact on your business and can be one of the most powerful marketing channels to reach out to your audience.

In a nutshell, social media helps businesses in these key areas;


1. Your Competitors Are Using It.

Whether you are a local or national business, selling a product or service it is likely your competitors are using Facebook and the other platforms to promote their business. If you see your competitors on the sites when you use them or if you see that your competitors are promoting their Social Sites offline, it is likely they have an active presence with a large audience.

2. You Aren’t Taking Advantage Of The Branding And Visibility Benefits It Provides.

Nearly 70% of the total online adult population uses Social Media.
8 out of 10 online adults use Facebook.
75% of those using Facebook use it daily.
55% of those using Facebook visit the site several times a day.

3. You Overlook The Influence Social Media Has On Consumer Behaviour.

75% of Social Media users made an online purchase in the past year, where only 46% of those who do not use Social Media made an online purchase. Facebook alone influenced 52% of consumers purchases both online AND offline.

4. You Aren’t Giving Consumers Access To Your Business.

Consumers want to connect with a brand on Social Media. Consumers are making purchasing decisions based on Social activity, their friends’ engagement with business, reviews, etc. They want to connect with your business and engage with you to learn more. If you aren’t using Social Media, they aren’t connecting with your business and you could be losing potential customers and even your current customers.

Many of your customers probably log in to social networks every day: take advantage of this by developing a good social media marketing campaign. Follow the advice given here to tap into the social media market. Soon you will be using social media marketing to help your business grow and generate more sales.

Now, what if you’re all for social media, but don’t have the bandwidth to take them on? Like with any other business process, outsourcing this type of marketing is a cost-effective way of ensuring you receive premium social media solutions. Knowing which channel to use and how to use them requires expertise and experience – why not leave your company’s social media venture in the capable hands of professionals?

Outsourcing social media marketing services doesn’t mean a company is disowning its brand.

In the end, finding the right social media solutions for your business is tricky and time-consuming, but the work will be all worth it because when done right, social media marketing gives great rewards.

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