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WorkPay, a prominent and innovative HR-Tech company, embarked on a mission to establish a formidable presence within Nigeria’s dynamic business landscape.
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Product Launch, Event
Planning, Vendor Management

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Nairobi, Kenya

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Our objective was clear: bring together the most influential figures in the business world, including industry leaders, discerning decision-makers, prospective clients eager to explore WorkPay’s offerings, and investors keen to be a part of this transformative journey.
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With meticulous planning, we oversaw a market launch event that served as a pivotal moment in WorkPay’s journey. Despite the challenging time constraints, we rose to the occasion and delivered a soft launch that exceeded expectations. The event was an exclusive gathering, graced by key stakeholders,investors and top voices within the HR-Tech industry.
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Community Building: The networking sessions facilitated connections between HR professionals, Industry players, Business owners, Investors, and the team. This helped create a close-knit community interested in advancing HR tech solutions in Nigeria.
Immersive Experience: Attendees appreciated the interactive experiences and the chance to converse directly with WorkPay’s representatives. This resulted in a deeper understanding of the product and brand.
Market Penetration: The event played a pivotal role in WorkPay’s’ market penetration strategy and helped the brand establish a solid foothold in the new market.

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