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The Pan-AfricanFreelance Talent Marketplace Gebeya, aimed to solidify and enhance its position in the talent marketplace as a leading Pan African industry expert. In order to outshine competitors and bolster its brand credibility, Gebeya was determined to acquire valuable insights into upcoming HR trends and employ top-notch PR strategies to engage with its target audience and potential clients.
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The Objective

Create a blueprint for establishing thought leadership within the Pan African talent marketplace as a prominent industry figure.

The Strategic Solution

WhirlSpot amplified the data enrichment strategy by integrating robust trend analysis into PR campaigns and focused majorly on top-tier media placements shedding light on pivotal HR trends, upcoming workplace shifts, and employee retention strategies for business leaders and HR professionals. This approach delivered improved engagement by catering to the target clientele, providing actionable insights for business magnates and stakeholders in the industry.
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Highlight: Workplace Trends for 2023

Our research delved into answering the burning question: “What will shape the modern workplace and the future of work in 2023?” Capturing thoughts and projections from industry frontrunners, the insights provided a comprehensive look into the evolution of the workplace.
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Highlight: Workplace Trends for 2023

The media engagement achieved the dual objective of cementing Gebeya’s reputation as a credible authority in the talent domain and an indispensable reservoir of knowledge and insights for its clientele.
Achieved a staggering 80% top-tier media placements delivering enriched content to its Pan-African clientele base.
Positioned the Gebeya brand as a visionary at the forefront of discussing workplace and talent dynamics evolution in Africa.
Increased engagement through strategic trend analysis, data-driven PR initiatives, and industry engagement saw a notable boost.

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