We identified and partnered with over 40 top micro-influencers within the crypto space, each with a dedicated and engaged audience. These influencers, with followers ranging between 10,000 to 100,000, were chosen for their high engagement rates and credibility in the blockchain and trading arena. The campaign encouraged enthusiasts to post a video on Twitter or TikTok explaining why they should be the Executive Trader. The influencers created buzz by announcing the contest, sharing their videos, and encouraging their followers to participate and share their insights. The influencers promoted the contest on their social media channels and encouraged their followers to participate by posting videos of their trading strategies on Twitter and TikTok. The content not only raised awareness about the contest but also drove conversation around the platform and its benefits.


FinTech, Blockchain, Stocks, Forex


Social Media Campaign, Influencer Outreach


Campaign video views across Twitter, TikTok, YouTube,


increase in brand mentions and social engagements on Twitter


Top Nano & Micro-Influencers in the Crypto Space


social media impressions


Profile Visits


Brand Mentions

Increased Participation: The campaign resulted in increased video entries, with contestants using the hashtag, thus significantly increasing the platform’s visibility.

Brand Awareness: The campaign resulted in a significant uplift in brand recognition within the crypto community. The platform saw a 30% increase in social media mentions during the campaign, demonstrating a wider reach and stronger brand presence.

Increase in social media mentions during the campaign,