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In today’s competitive business landscape, prioritizing employees’ welfare has become a key factor in attracting and retaining top talents. But what is the true impact of employee health insurance on job retention especially in the height of harsh macroeconomic realities? To dive into the relationship between health insurance packages and employee retention in Nigeria, TechCabal Insights, WellaHealth, and Whirlspot Media, collaborated on a study to explore insights into how employee health insurance plans through Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) influence employees’ decisions to stay or leave their current employment.
The study surveyed employees across 12 industries to report that more than 90% of employees considered health coverage as a very important aspect of employment contracts and about 34% would make a decision based on the quality of the package. The report found that employees are willing to pay privately for health insurance, even where it is not provided by their employers, underscoring the value they place on their overall well-being.


To gain more understanding of the findings and fresh insights into health insurance management, we invite you to download and explore the full report. Unlock the power of employee health insurance and pave the way for a future where well-being is central to organizational success.

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