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Digital Offices in Lagos, Nigeria
and Nairobi, Kenya.


The digital marketing world always fits in with ideas that are worth selling, and we acknowledge that partnerships rule the world. Whether you are a digital agency, a traditional marketing agency, start-up or dev agency, our white label services will let you offer your clients outstanding digital marketing and web design solutions.

Earn commission just for referring a client to WhirlSpot Media.
Refer your friends, partners to our referral program and we pay when they book any of our services.
It's a win-win! It’s simple!

Get an aggressive payout when sending a qualified lead our way! We are also 100% transparent which means you’ll get updates through every step of the sales funnel.


How does a partnership work? What do I need to do?

Once you send us the contact information of the referral, that’s it! We’ll contact them, set up a demo, and discuss with them their specific projects and requirements. No further action is required from your side, and you won’t hear from us until your referral signs up for a WhirlSpot media service.

Do I have to be a WhirlSpot Media client to send a referral?

No, anyone can send a referral and is eligible for the referral bonus. You can even refer someone from your own organisation!

What do you do with the information I provide? Do you share or sell it?

We’ll contact the referral regarding WhirlSpot products and services, but we’ll never sell or share your contact information or your referral contact information.

When do I receive the referral bonus?

When your referral signs up for a monthly or annual contract

Benefits for you

Are you a creative/marketing, PR, or Development Agency that hasn’t found the perfect Digital Marketing Agency partner? Is your internal team overwhelmed?

Don’t stress. Partnership with WhirlSpot can develop a strong agency partnership with your company. We’re open to partnerships that ensure long-lasting relationships that matter.

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