5 Tips on Creating a Marketing Plan to Support Digital Transformation and Company Growth

5 Tips on Creating a Marketing Plan to Support Digital Transformation and Company Growth

5 Tips on Creating a Marketing Plan to Support Digital Transformation and Company Growth

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Digital transformation pushes organizations to redefine their business structures and adjust to the reality of the modern market. The worldwide digital transformation market is expected to reach $2.3 trillion by 2023, according to data from Statista. The driving force behind this change is today’s consumers, who wish relevant content they can relate to regardless of where they are, what time of the day it is, and which device they’re using.

Companies need to know how to create a digital marketing strategy to keep up with today’s consumers and deliver a unique customer experience. In this guide, we’ll give you tips on developing an effective marketing strategy that centers on digital transformation and seeks to scale your business by prioritizing your customers.

1. Conduct a situational analysis. 

To create a digital marketing strategy, you must begin with the basics. The first thing that should be on your mind is analyzing your enterprise and your market’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Carrying out this analysis is integral because your digital transformation marketing strategy must be modeled after the landscape you’re operating in. To do this, you need to be well-versed in your field, your customers’ demands as well as the avenues where they can get addressed. 

You also need to conduct an internal examination to determine your organization’s current status and situation in today’s digital age. You can do this by evaluating how friendly your website and social channels are to your customers, checking out your site’s usability and browsing experience, and gauging your social media presence, to name a few. 

Once you get a solid image of your ecosystem, you can begin drafting plans for your digital marketing strategies

2. Create a versatile and agile IT landscape. 

Acquiring the appropriate technology is fundamental to activating your digital transformation marketing strategy. Organizations across the globe acknowledge the need to incorporate agile systems such as cloud computing to onboard the virtual realm fully. You can also document the entire consumer journey of your patrons with each touch point by constructing a 360-perspective of your customer by working with a bunch of SaaS applications.

If you’re looking for somewhere to begin, FinancesOnline lists marketing software options to check outWith the gathered information from these solutions, you can better understand your customer, from their preferred purchasing method to their buying behavior to the reasons why they support your enterprise. One role of digital marketing is to deliver an improved customer experience. 

3. Invest in further education. 

Business growth is all about taking and making the most out of every entrepreneurial opportunity within your reach, including additional training and comprehensive modules. Some courses can teach you how to develop an effective marketing strategy if you want to do more than go through articles online. Some organizations also offer classes for specific online platforms, with sessions that can be tailored to assist and support any department and crew.

Here at Whirlspot, we offer a LinkedIn Masterclass that gives an edge to marketing and sales teams, recruiters, human resources employees, and staff from the general business section. Robust digital marketing strategies are products of insight and education, so if you can take digital marketing courses and specific modules to master marketing on particular platforms, don’t hesitate to take them. 

4. Plan how much you’re willing to spend 

Budget slips from the mind of most marketing professionals when they create a digital transformation marketing strategy; however, it’s an essential step in building your plan. If you establish the amount, you will shell out in your shift’s primary phase. In that case, you’ll be aware of the amount you can allot for each avenue and each aspect, which empowers you to construct more successful digital marketing strategies

Subscribe to top-notch services and purchase products that will guarantee good results. Look up the companies and software providers you want to work with and sift through reviews, use cases, client feedback, and product outcomes to form your decision entirely. 

5. Concentrate on social media. 

Snubbing social media is affecting your business negatively. It’s no longer a platform for connecting with people and efficiently distributing information. It’s now the primary staple for all digital marketing strategiesThere’s no surprise in this. With We Are Social tallying 3.8 billion individuals on social media, it’s predictable to see the modern marketplace’s shift to social.

Its nature is designed to make it an exceptional instrument where you can take advantage of engagements between two parties, like an organization and its customers, among various entities such as collaborators, staff, NGOs, and outsourced talents. Given these numbers and the market’s new standard, social media must be at the heart of your digital transformation marketing strategy.

Because of its ubiquitous power to reach out to your patrons and a wider audience, your marketing techniques must be concentrated on going social. It must be the primary communication channel in your toolbox. Your digital marketing strategies must be carried out at platforms where your customers are most active. They must be driven by the goal to meaningfully connect with customers, which will eventually allow you to establish a unique relationship with them as a brand. 

Although molding your digital marketing strategies to social media can be challenging and time-consuming, your efforts will be rewarded with heightened brand awareness, more conversions, new prospects, and entrepreneurial relationships, nurtured customer connections, channels for customer feedback, reduced marketing costs, hiring and recruitment channels, a relevant brand identity, a more robust search presence, and an amplified avenue for information dissemination about your products, services, and offerings, among others. 

6. Building a digital transformation marketing strategy in 2020

Remember these tips when creating your digital transformation marketing strategy, and don’t leave any aspect to fate. Becoming complacent or hedonistic is your biggest obstacle to putting yourself out there and enhancing your digital presence. Likewise, remember that technology can also be your most significant friend in creating innovative, personalized, and effective digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketing solutions like Whirlspot can help you streamline your work and increase your performance, despite the evolving demands and increasingly complex assignments. 


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