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5 Google Docs Hacks for Marketing Professionals

Are you a marketing professional still figuring out how to effectively use Google Docs to make your life easier? Dig in here as I share my top five Google Docs Hacks to increase your productivity.

Over the years, Google Docs has proven to be a useful tool,  and you may have been using it for years; however, there are likely several useful features you have yet to uncover that make it super cool to use for numerous purposes. If you are probably still using MS Word to carry out your marketing activities, it is time you hop on the bandwagon and take the opportunity to get involved with Google Docs. 


These hacks will be handy for you.

Hack 1: Auto-saved versions can be accessed

One of the things that I love about Google Docs is its auto-save feature. This is one of the things that differentiates it from MS Word. There are scenarios where you mistakenly or accidentally delete a file or your work. I understand this can be frustrating and can leave you confused about where to start. If you have ever lost or deleted your document on Google Docs, you do not need to panic. You can always recover the original work, even if changes are in it already.

I know by now that you might be curious about how you can access auto-saved versions. The auto-save feature helps to create a Version History of your document. ‌Version History can be very accessible. The Vision History allows you to see all your activities in Google Docs with time and date stamps.


Now, this is how to view the auto-saved versions.

  • Right there on your Google Docs, click on File 
  • Scroll down to select Version History > See History

Google Docs Hacks

Hack 2: Access Your Google Docs files offline

One of the things that scare people away from Google Docs is that they always assume that you can not make use of it without a Wi-Fi/data connection. 

To make this hack work, you need to enable the offline editing feature on your Google Docs, and this is how to go about it;

  • From your Google Docs, click on the docs home button
  • Select settings
  • From the setting, move down to Offline and turn it on to allow you to work offline on Google Docs

Google Docs Hacks

Hack 3: Choose any file format of your choice

Do you love working with Google Docs, but your client/company wants you to submit the document in an MS Word format? If that is the case, your best option should not be to copy from MS Word and paste it into Google Docs because doing so will always make your work too messy, thereby making you spend extra time rearranging it. 

There are two ways to achieve this on Google Docs;

  • You have to make sure that you use Google Docs on the Google Chrome browser. This is to install a Chrome extension called Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides.
  • Open your Google Docs on the Chrome browser. 
  • From the top menu, select file
  • Enable Office Compatibility Mode
  1. If you also decide to work on MS Word, you can always convert your Word docs to Google docs. Here is all you can do;
  • Create a blank or new file on Google Docs.
  • Upload your Word docs into Google Docs
  • Select a file and save it as a Google Doc. 
  • You will receive a notification telling you that it has been saved as a Google Docs


Hack 4: Grant shareable permissions to multiple Docs

Working on Google Docs can be annoying when denied permission to access and edit documents. This is likely to have you notify your collaborators before they can give you access to the file. This can be time-wasting when working on multiple docs that need urgent attention.

To avoid being limited by this, here are a few tricks that can help you gain access and permission;

  • Open your Google Drive and go to “My Drive” there, you will find a collection of all your saved documents from Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc. 
  • Select all the multiple files that you would like to share 
  • Right-click on them, select on the share, then select Advanced.
  • Once you click on Advanced, you will get a pop-up, go under “Who has access” in the pop-up, and change file permissions for multiple documents.
  • After this, you can choose to actively notify others by “inviting people” or copy the links and share them through a separate email. 

Google Docs Hacks

Hack 5: Use the Table of Contents add-on to create a table of contents

One super cool thing about Google Docs is that it allows you to add a table of content to your work. This particular feature is essential for long documents, as it makes your work organized and easy to edit. With a table of the content located in the sidebar of your document, you can jump directly to the part. You would like to work on it without even scrolling through to look for it. 


To add this table of content feature to your document, this is what you need to do; 

  • On your Google Docs, select Add-ons from the top menu 
  • You can add or remove it from your document view by selecting/deselecting View→ Show Document Outline.


An additional hack  for you

You can also tag people (collaborators)  in your document to bring their attention to something you want them to be aware of. This will save you the stress of sending a message via email to draw their attention back to the document. To tag them, all you need to do is add @ or + in to select their name or email address from your Gmail contact. 


Here’s an extra quick cheat sheet:

⌘+B = Bold

⌘+I = Italic

⌘+U = Underline

⌘+\ = Clear formatting

⌘+F = Find

⌘+K = Add hyperlink

⌘+Option+M= Add comment

Ctrl+Option+I = Open Insert menu

⌘+Shift+S = Start voice typing

⌘+Option+C = Copy formatting

⌘ + Option + Shift + h = Open revision history

⌘ + Option + Shift + I = Open Explore tool

Double click = Select word

Triple click = Select paragraph


Find more shortcuts:


Help → Keyboard shortcuts.

Or you can create your own shortcuts:

Tools → Preferences → Automatic substitution.


You can continue to work on your Google Docs on the go, or in a place where you have a spotty Internet connection. Turn on the Offline Sync option from the Google Drive home Settings menu.

With these few Google Docs Hacks, there is no way using Google Docs won’t be fun and easy to use. Share other interesting hacks in the comment below. 

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Chiamaka Nwora

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