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Digital Public Relations

PR in the digital age is different, so should your approach.

We create tailored content marketing and digital public relations (Digital PR)  campaigns that focus heavily on media relations to distribute your brand’s content to the right target audience, at the right time which positively impacts your company’s SEO and brand image. We approach digital public relations (Digital PR) with a deep understanding of the online landscape and a keen eye for consumer behavior. Your business story can be anything from a product launch to raising the profile of your C-level executives or generating awareness for an upcoming industry event, or piece of creative content, our paid digital marketing programs to connect your customers with your message while they browse their favorite websites.

We identify and craft awareness-generating, engaging content for segmented audiences throughout your customer journey. Our demand generation specialists use paid, earned and owned techniques to place the right content at the right time in front of the right audience.

How we approach
Digital Public Relation (PR)

An effective digital PR strategy targets relevant websites, influencers, online communities, and social media networks to spread your content – helping to widen your audience, drive up traffic and boost your backlink profile. We start with getting to know your brand. We will spend time researching into your target audience and align with your marketing goals and objectives.

Media List Creation

Once we paint a clear picture of the market you’re in, we can strategically plan your journey into the limelight. This begins with the creation of a media list, featuring the bloggers, the right social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook..), and influencers in the digital media who might be receptive to your brand’s story.

Outreach + Content Creation + Promotion

No matter how your story is being told – be it through an influencer, press mention, or monthly column – our team works with yours to produce content that engages. Using a variety owned, earned and paid channels, we’ll make sure we share your story and make it go viral.

Analytics + Monitoring

Once your story is in the wild, we watch, learn and improve. You will get exponentially increased exposure, which helps you get more customers and drive your revenue growth!

Target the right people
with the right message.

Our team is focused on driving measurable business results for B2B companies in Africa and we love what we do.

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